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I have a Diploma in Equine Podiatry, and I currently cover North Wales and Cheshire and I provide hoof trimming and associated environmental and dietary advice. I am a member of the Equine Podiatry Association (UK) and I am fully insured.

I started on the barefoot journey because of my mares behavioural issues. Milly was impossible to shoe without sedation, so I decided to keep her barefoot whilst getting her used to having her feet handled, initially with every intention of getting the farrier back to put shoes on once she was trained and happy to have her feet handled by a stranger. But she did so well without shoes, that I have never looked back.


I initially just had the farrier trim her hooves and then I had several trimmers before finding an EP. The EP approach meant that I started learning really interesting stuff about hooves, and over time, my interest in all things hoofy grew and grew. So much so that I decided to change my career from Chartered Management Accountant to Equine Podiatrist in 2011! They really are a fascinating feat of natures engineering. I've learned of so many benefits for the horse of being barefoot (see my 'Benefits of Barefoot' page) that I am now passionate about helping owners and their horses achieve improved hoof health, and as a happy by-product, overall healthier horses.

I am interested in the scientific study of the eqiune, the hoof in particular, so I'm currently working towards a BSc(hons) in Equine and Veterinary Bosciences at Aberystwyth University. My final year dissertation is a Proteomic study of the equine hoof, hopefully I'll find interesting things to write about!! I am planing to study to MSc after graduation next year. I am also very interested in Nutrition and I'm currently also studying towards a BTEC professional diploma in Equine Nutrition. 


I have always had horses in my life, my Mum and Auntie always shared a small herd and I had my first pony, a Shetland named Bychan (meaning Tiny in Welsh), when I was two. I went to pony club as a child, then had a job at the local stables in the summer holidays, etc etc! We now have a herd of 5 horses between myself and Ali; Milly a Welsh Cob X, Sultan a TB ex-racer, Bowie a traditional gypsy cob, Eddie (Spud) a giant warmblood and Brenin a little welsh mountain pony. They are all barefoot (obviously!) and are also worked bitless. We also have 2 cats, 5 dogs and a flock of hens. 

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