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We are a 2 person partnership, based near Llansannan in North Wales

Nia Cooke began practising in 2012, qualifying in 2013, and was soon joined by her partner Ali Taylor in 2015, on target to qualify summer 2016.

They have a herd of 5 horses, all barefoot, naturally, all of different types and disciplines.

Both Nia and Ali are firm believers in positive reinforcement training methods and will always use these methods when training a horse to safely have their feet trimmed. Whether it's inexperience, or a previous traumatic event, most horses can be taught that having their feet trimmed is no big deal for them.

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An Equine Podiatrist (or EP for short) is a trained specialist who has studied the anatomy and science of the equine foot and will be able to shape the development of your horses’ hoof by use of both trim and environment.

We mainly work with unshod horses in work, both pleasure and competition horses. We also work with horses with problems such as laminitis, navicular, seedy toes etc. (you can read more about laminitis on my 'Articles' section.)

On each consultation and trim we will:

• Assess your horses gait - to assess if they're landing correctly, and to identify any other conformation issues or pathologies which may influence the hoof shape and overall performance.

 • Assess and then trim the hooves, correcting any balancing issues and treating any infections present.

• Assess the horses gait once more to note any changes influenced by the trim/infection treatment

• Assess the hooves post-trim – note any pathologies present and give you a usability score, which will indicate what you can and can’t safely do with your horse with their current hoof condition.

• Recommend how to improve the condition of the hooves – this may involve treatment for infections, changes in diet or turnout, or a hoof conditioning exercise plan.

We need to understand the environment your horse is kept in and what level of work you would expect to be able to do with your horse, so as I can advise accordingly. If any changes to the diet, turnout, exercise or any other factors happen in between visits, it is important that we discuss them, because all of these things can affect the condition of the hooves.

We will need a suitable space to work in, as well as somewhere with ideally a hard flat surface to trot the horse up and watch it move. Your horse should be ready with clean, dry legs and feet picked out. (These things do of course depend on the facilities you have!)

We will need someone to hold the horse during trimming and to trot the horse up. We are trained in horse handling but it is really important that you let us know whether your horse has any behavioural problems such as biting, kicking, rearing, etc. so as we can safely try to work with any behavioural issues.

We will normally make some recommendations with regards to what needs to be done between now and the next trim to encourage healthy hoof development. If you feel the recommendations are not achievable, either because of time, facilities or any other reason, we can always discuss it and work around the restrictions to make the recommendations workable.

The first visit may take up to 2 hours, thereafter each visit will take about an hour. We will visit every 4-8 weeks, dependant on the condition of the horses hooves, any on-going conditions and the horses regime of work etc.

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